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Replacement Personnel

Keeping Your Business Secured at a Higher Level. When a work stoppage occurs, locating and managing the skilled and unskilled replacement workers needed to keep your business operational can serve as a daunting challenge. Huffmaster’s Alternative Workforce division can help with complete strike staffing services, which encompasses everything from developing your operational plan before a stoppage occurs to transportation, training, supervision and administration of replacement workers.

As a Huffmaster company, Alternative Workforce, Inc. works directly with our clients to ensure you have everything you need to plan, prepare and respond to crisis and strike staffing situations.

  • Planning: Our planning process is built on the belief that your operational plan should dictate your security and replacement personnel needs – not the other way around.
  • Preparation: If a labor interruption occurs, Huffmaster’s workers (and applicable security officers) can arrive on site within hours of notification. They are ready to respond and execute at one or multiple facilities as needed.
  • Response: Once your contingency plan activates, our team coordinates every aspect from notification of the temporary personnel to maintaining communication and reporting at every step.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

No matter where or when your stoppage occurs, Huffmaster’s national network of qualified replacement workers are ready to step in and support your continuing operations with skilled out-of-town replacement workers at one site – or multiple sites – including:

  • Truck/Delivery Drivers, CDL-A licensed
  • General Labor/Warehouse
  • Forklift/Hi-Lo Operators
  • Mechanics/Maintenance
  • Skilled Trades
  • General Office
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Teachers
  • School Support Staff

When you need a low-skill, lower cost solution, Huffmaster can supply qualified local replacement workers to minimize the travel, housing and per diem costs associated with utilizing “out-of-town” temporary employees.

That’s business secured to a higher level. That’s Huffmaster. For more information or to discuss your specific strike staffing needs, contact Huffmaster’s Alternative Workforce Division at 800.446.1515.

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